Service by Welda

Our employees are always available for our customers. We offer an extensive service that you as a customer can always contact for maintenance, defects, questions and problems with your product.

We will treat your product with the utmost care and try to find the best solution to repair your product as quickly as possible. Should the repair take longer than expected, we also offer the rental of various machines so that you as a customer do not fall without a machine.

Can't make it to our showroom to bring in your product? Contact us so that we can find the best solution for your specific situation together.

Contact the Welda service department

Tel.: +32 9 355 76 77

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Pre-sales service

Technical commercial advisor

Before purchasing a machine, we like to have a representative visit you who has the right technical knowledge to see which machine is the best solution for you and your workshop. This way you can be sure of the most efficient and economical solution.

Free quote

You can also always have a non-binding quote prepared by one of our representatives or you can create one yourself via our website. This can be done in just a few clicks.

After-sales service

The product can be delivered on location and, for certain products, an employee can come and help start up the machine. He will provide the necessary explanation and information about the operation, so that you can immediately start working with your product in a correct and sustainable way.


Welda can also take care of the maintenance of your machines. You will need to make an appointment and then one of our technicians with specific knowledge will visit your company to perform maintenance on the machines in question. This way we guarantee a well-functioning machine at all times and the lifespan is extended.


  • On site: If possible, our technicians will visit you on site to repair defects. We do this especially for larger metalworking machines that cannot be easily moved. We do this as quickly as possible so that you are back in operation in no time.
  • Internal: We also have an in-house repair service. Here we repair all your smaller machines, welding machines, welding torches, tools and other materials that are easy to transport. Each department has its own technicians with specific specializations, so that all defects can always be repaired professionally. Does the repair seem more expensive than initially thought? Then we will notify you first to discuss the next steps you can take.


Welda is always at your disposal. Technical problems can always occur and to solve this quickly and efficiently, Welda offers a rental service for its customers, WeldaRental. We rent out various tools and machines in order to temporarily help out our customers.


Have your welding equipment inspected by Welda. CLICK HERE for more information.

Screw compressor maintenance

Have your screw compressor serviced in a timely manner by Welda. CLICK HERE for more information.

Wide range of stock machines

This is one of the strengths at Welda. We have a showroom of more than 6000m² and an even bigger warehouse where we have all the space we need to stock machines. This allows us to have a large selection of stock machines so that we can always provide fast delivery when selling products. You can always visit our showroom to view and test the machines.

Takeover of old machines

When purchasing a new machine from us, you can also always count on Welda to take over your old machine for an agreed price and we will take it with us when delivering the new product. This way you can get on with your work immediately and you don't have to put any extra time or energy into the old machine.

Contacting our service department

The employees of Welda are always ready to serve their customers. Please feel free to contact us if you need maintenance for any of your products, or in case of a defect or problem.


We offer you a flexible solution for all our products. To do this, we cooperate with several transport companies or handle the transport ourselves. We always guarantee a safe and traceable transport of your machine. If we have the ordered product in stock, the product will be shipped the same day.

Do you lack the right equipment to unload the machine? We can offer you a solution by hiring only the best transportation that will do the unloading and moving of the machine for you.

The additional options for your shipment are:

  • Different delivery address
  • Choice of delivery date
  • Pickup in the store
  • You will receive an email, text or phone call when your order is ready

*Shipping costs depend on weight, size and transportation. Because of this, the cost is variable. But for orders over €400, shipping is usually free.


Our showroom in Oostakker covers more than 6000 m² and has a very wide range of products from different brands. In our showroom there are always employees present to assist you with advice and information on all products. The showroom is open every weekday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm. You can also bring your tools here for repair or to pick them up.

Service by Welda
Service by Welda
Service by Welda
Service by Welda