Cookie policy

Since the new telecom law came into force on 1 June 2012, every website is legally obliged to inform visitors about the cookies and to ask permission for their use. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The law distinguishes between cookies that are functionally necessary and cookies that register your surfing behavior. Functional cookies are used, for example, to temporarily remember your shopping cart and may be placed without your permission. The webshop would not function at all without these cookies. Permission must be requested to place cookies that register surfing behavior.

Cookies are not dangerous. It is not possible to use cookies to read (private) data from your computer or to intercept passwords. Cookies cannot infect your computer with a virus or trojan horse. You therefore do not run any risk by allowing cookies.

In principle, you will only receive this notification once per browser.

Want to know more about cookies?

What do cookies do?

Visitors to websites are confronted with cookies. These are small files that are placed on your PC that can remember a shopping cart and keep track of information about your visit. There is a lot of negative noise about cookies in the press. However, cookies are useful and virtually indispensable for the proper functioning of a webshop.

In addition to functional cookies that are placed by the webshop owner (necessary for the site to work correctly), you can also receive cookies from other parties. These cookies register your click behavior and can be used, for example, to show a certain advertisement only once.

Cookies are not dangerous

Cookies can never be used to read private data from a computer or to intercept passwords. They also cannot infect a computer with a virus or trojan horse. So they are completely safe. Cookies have been used without incident on virtually all web shops and websites around the world since the 1990s.

When visiting the webshop you may receive different types of cookies.

Functional cookies

Cookies that are necessary for the use of the webshop. For example, to be able to log in or to remember your shopping cart.

Cookies from advertising companies

Advertising companies measure the success of a campaign and the possible interests of the visitor. It could also record any preferences (do you want sound on or off?) by reading cookies. If an advertising company has banners on multiple websites, the data from these websites can be combined to create a better profile. This allows advertisers to place their cookies on multiple sites and thus obtain a detailed picture of the user's interests. This allows more targeted and relevant advertisements to be displayed. For example, after visiting a webshop, you can get banners on other sites with the products you have viewed or similar products. The website owner cannot view those cookies.

Website analytics cookies

Some web shops use Google Analytics to keep track of visitor statistics. This system keeps track of which pages are visited, what they click on, which browser and screen resolution they use and much more. This information can be used to get a better picture of visitors and to optimize the website accordingly. Google, which provides this service, uses the information to build a relevant, anonymous advertising profile with which it can offer more targeted advertisements.

Cookies from other third parties

In addition to the above, there are more components that can generate a cookie. These are often used by the content partners to analyze on which sites their users are active and how their services are performing. This includes videos from YouTube, photos from services such as Flickr or Picasa, and "Like" buttons from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


To visit the webshop it is necessary that you allow us to place such cookies. You can use the opt-out option at many external companies so that cookies from that specific provider are no longer allowed. On this is possible for many advertisers at the same time. You can also read there what such cookies are used for. It is also possible to set your browser in such a way that only cookies from the webshop you visit are accepted. You can find out how this works in the help function of your browser.