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Welda Academy

Welda Academy welding training center

Welda Academy is a welding training center with a modern infrastructure, located in Oostakker-Ghent.

The training center grew out of a partnership with the Perfection Center for Welders (VCL) and is aimed at companies looking for customized, hands-on training. You can attend training given by the instructors of the VCL, or you can hire Welda Academy to give your own training to your employees.

By analyzing company strengths and employee skills in advance, Welda offers a service that helps companies develop, broaden or organize their operations more efficiently.

The training center has a professional welding infrastructure suitable for both education and business. In addition, Welda offers various training courses in welding and brazing, plastic welding and certification tests. In cooperation with the VCL, companies can save up to 40% on their costs through the SME portfolio (welding training courses are subsidized by the Flemish Community).

Welda's mission is to work with clients and partners to make the most of the talents of employees to maximize business performance. The vision is to offer quality customized practical training in a modern infrastructure, tailored to the personal needs of clients. Welda works from five core values: customer-oriented, goal-oriented, professional, reliable and flexible.

Our mission is not accomplished until we have achieved the following objectives:

  • Accelerated employability of welders
  • Higher quality of finished jobs
  • Lower production costs for the company
  • Higher productivity within the welding department
  • Increased motivation of the welder

Would you like to take or give hands-on welding training in our state-of-the-art infrastructure or would you like to obtain a welding certificate quickly?
Contact us at
+32 (0)9 355 74 26 for more information or register immediately using the entry form below.

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Welda Academy flyer (NL)

View an overview of our training center in this easy-to-read flyer.


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VCL/CPS - Perfection Center for Welders

VCL/CPS Perfection Center for Welders

The VCL is a non-profit organization based in Neder-Over-Heembeek (Brussels) and it was founded in 1975 as a joint initiative of employers and employees, represented by Fabrimetal (now Agoria) and the trade unions ACV and ABVV, respectively.

Their mission is to provide fast and customized assistance to all Belgian companies in the welding field.

The VCL has 4 major areas of activity:

  • Training of metal welders and their certification in a fast and targeted way
  • Training and certification of PE welders for gas and water distribution
  • Training and certification in underground steel pipe coating
  • Coordinating welders

Providing targeted training is the specialty of the VCL. These trainings focus on the skills a welder needs to function well and be profitable in the company where he/she works. Providing brief, welding technical advice to companies and assisting and organizing weekly welder inspections according to European or American standards are standard activities of the VCL.

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