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Project Technical Institute Campus Sint-Paulus

Welda visited KSOM - Technical Institute Sint-Paulus in Mol, where a completely new studio was installed for all technical disciplines on campus.

As Welda, we have participated in various tenders and we have been able to install 22 Cepro welding cabins and 4 grinding cabins, including the Nederman grinding cabins.

The design of the welding workshop arose from the principle that an open welding department was desired, so that all welding cabins and all equipment can be observed from all positions.

The arrangement of the welding cabins has evolved from this, these were placed against the walls. It was also decided to work with half curtains, so that the teachers can see the students actively working in the welding booths.

Afterwards, this workshop was equipped by Welda with a Sahinler plate press, band saw machines from Macc and PegasSiegmund welding tables, a Sommer tube plasma cutting machine and Cepro welding cabins and welding curtains.

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TISP afbeelding 1
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