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HB Constructie & Bervoets

HB Constructie & Bervoets

HB Constructie & Machines and Bervoets opt for Pegas

Although a bandsaw machine can be seen as an old faithful in terms of machining processes, its popularity is certainly not diminishing. On the contrary, the ever-increasing possibilities to make cost-efficient saw cuts with little manpower are helping more and more companies in many industries to see the technology as a viable option. This includes HB Constructie & Machines from Peers and the company Bervoets from Tessenderlo. They each bought a Pegas band saw, the respective configuration of which has synergies, but also some differences, as well as the rationale for their purchase.

CLICK HERE  to read the full article (in Dutch) or watch the video report.

Welda supplied these machines to HB Constructie & Machines:

Welda supplied these machines to Bervoets:

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