Plasma cutting process

Plasma cutting is a melting process that has been developed to cut metals for which autogenous cutting is not or less suitable, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Nowadays, however, plasma cutting is also increasingly used for cutting unalloyed and low-alloyed steel. An advantage of plasma cutting is that it can be performed by hand, provided the cut quality obtained meets the requirements. This is often used for making holes in air ducts, demolishing buildings, adjusting constructions, etc. However, the plasma cutting process is increasingly being linked to an automated system. Here the plasma source with machine torch is built perpendicular to a coordinate table where an NC program with figures are cut out. This program creates an NC program from CAD files (dxf, dwg, iso,...) which can then be cut out on the CNC plasma cutting machine via USB or network connection.

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Hand plasma cutting

We distribute the brands Hypertherm en Leon.

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Hand plasma cutting

CNC plasma cutting

We work together with various suppliers of CNC plasma cutting tables such as Loyalmak and Soitaab.

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CNC plasma cutting

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General description:

Many existing CNC cutting tables are complex and therefore complicated to use. This complexity has been removed in the development of new CNC cutting tables. CNC cutting tables are built with the best materials so that the cutting tables are reliable and accurate and we can offer a long service life. Our new CNC plasma cutting tables are designed and manufactured using 30 years of experience. This involved looking at increasing reliability and simplifying use. Simple ideas, such as lowering the level of the rails relative to the cutting bed, make loading the plates easier. In addition, the risk of damage is reduced as a result. The cutting head is equipped with a laser pointer, making it easy to align the plasma torch with the sheet to be cut. The tables are also equipped with DTHC to digitally control the height of the torch. The CNC cutting tables have a built-in welding fume bed to collect the hot sparks.

Packed with features

Our CNC system has been designed from the ground up to handle large cutting machines. It is also equipped with the following functions, which are not always standard with other brands. With a large number of standard features and an extensive range of accessories, you can be sure that your CNC machine will meet all your requirements.

  • FORWARD AND BACKWARDS ON THE CUTTING PATH: During cutting, the material heats up, creating tensions. This may extinguish the flame. Using the reverse button, the machine moves back along the cutting path so that the cut can be recovered.
  • AUTOMATICALLY SET PARAMETERS: Select the material thickness, material type and desired cutting current and the system will automatically set all other parameters, including cutting speed, start height, cutting height, arc delay, arc voltage, etc. In addition, the gas pressure is automatically set when cutting by means of a proportional pressure valve.
  • BUILT-IN STANDARD SHAPES: The system contains a number of pre-programmed shapes ranging from rectangles and rings to ridges and floor plates. By selecting a template and following the instruction, a part is cut without the need for further programming.
  • NESTING: With the special nesting software, the parts to be cut are arranged as efficiently as possible so that time is saved and there is as little loss of material as possible.
  • MANUAL CONTROL: Each process is equipped with a manual control panel with an on/off button, a joystick and a height controller. The traversing speed and cutting speed are controlled automatically.
  • DISPLAY: The clear display has a logical layout with a large interactive graphic display that shows the profiles to be cut with the current cut position, position to cut and total cut. The graphic display contains extensive zoom functions. The screen also shows the movement, height control and cutting control.
  • OPERATION: The cutting speed can be adjusted in between, as can the parameters for height control, oxygen pressure, etc.
  • QUALITY: To produce the best quality plasma holes, they should be cut with an initiated arc and reduced speed with fixed height control. The plasma should expand at 350 degrees, but the cut continues with an over-burn until the hole is complete. The Techserv CNC system performs all these tasks automatically, without the need to predefine holes or parts.
  • HEIGHT CONTROLLER: The CNC system includes a digital automatic height controller. The arc voltage regulator can be set via the built-in search tables or via custom measurements and settings.
  • TOUCH SCREEN: The CNC system, designed from the ground up to work with a touch screen, features large, easy-to-press buttons, with large text and specially designed screens that replace the standard Windows Explorer.
  • EASY SELECTION: The system can import programs from a wide variety of systems such as ESSI, Word Address, Gcode and DFX. A preview of parts is possible before selection. It can be rotated and mirrored and, moreover, the scale can be adjusted if desired.
  • PART SELECTION: Complex batches can be imported to the controller and individual parts can be selected by tapping the appropriate part on the screen. Useful when a part is damaged or lost.
  • RESTORE LOST CUT: Work can be stopped while cutting and restarted on another day. This is a useful function that makes it possible to cut urgent parts when the machine is busy with a large nest, or if cutting has to be interrupted for other reasons.
  • JUMPING TO A PART: When a part is touched on the screen, the machine will move to that point and start cutting there.
  • REPOSITIONING: By using the joystick, parts can be moved across the plate in the test modules and brought into the correct position. This function is used when the material to be cut has an irregular shape, or when the parts fit tightly on the plate.
  • DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTIONS: The CNC system has an extensive range of diagnostic functions and test screens where all functions can be confirmed, including reconfiguring the inputs and outputs.
  • DATA LOGGING: The CNC system creates a daily log file describing most functions, including cut, gas, project name, screen name, etc. The data is logged every second and a special program allows easy reading of the data. There is also an overview of time measurements within a project.
  • MACHINE CONFIGURATION: A password-protected control panel provides access to machine settings. When this information is modified, a backup is automatically created. An email function allows the new settings to be sent to the manufacturer's office for review or backup.

Integrated plasma devices

These plasma tables are suitable for working with any plasma source. This makes it possible to use previously made investments in manual plasma devices in a completely automated system. However, the professional various Hypertherm plasma sources with external control options deliver an extremely clean cut. Partly for this reason, Hypertherm was chosen as the plasma partner for the supply of the WELDA all-in-one automatic plasma cutting tables.

Cutting fume extraction

The CNC cutting tables have a built-in welding fume bed to collect the hot sparks.

Various options

  • OFFLINE PC DESK PROGRAMMING: The machine allows simple programming on the control panel. However, the possibility is sometimes requested to prepare a work preparation offline in a different environment. This has also been thought of. Together with a Belgian machine software developer with years of experience in cutting and bending metal, we have worked on a software with numerous simple controls such as importing figures from a database, arranging figures for optimization,… The software has been developed for more modern Windows PCs with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and must have at least one USB port available.
  • ADJUSTABLE TORCH HOLDER: The adjustable torch holder is equipped with protractor. This makes it possible to position the torch to, for example, cut bevel weld edges for weld preparation, weld preparations, etc.
  • WATERBED: The optional waterbed reduces the spread of welding fumes without the need for an extractor.
  • SAFETY CAGE: The safety cage reduces glare in the workshop due to the arc. It also prevents the spread of welding fumes and the cage prevents access to the machine. This makes the safety cage suitable for schools and training centres. The cage is equipped with some doors with safety locks that ensure that the machine shuts off when the doors are opened.
  • LINE DRAWING SCANNER NEW: Some hand drawn designs on paper are difficult to program with conventional CAD software systems. This scanner follows the line of the drawn profiles and converts them to CNC and DXF files. These files can then be imported into the CAD software system for further processing. The scanner is unique and easy to operate.


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