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Project Defense

Welda supplied 7 saw combinations for 7 different departments of Defense, more specifically:

  • 4th Battalion Logistics in Marche-en-Famenne
  • 18th Battalion Logistics in Leopoldsburg
  • 29th Battalion Logistics in Grobbendonk
  • 1st Wing at Beauvechain
  • 2nd Wing Tac at Florennes
  • 10th Wing Tac in Peer (Kleine-Brogel)
  • 15th Wing Air Transport in Melsbroek

Each saw combination has the same composition and consists of a Macc 411 MS fully-hydraulic, semi-automatic band saw machine with micro-lubrication and a frequency converter for stepless regulation of the band speed. The bandsaw machines were also fitted with a Pehu feed roller conveyor and a discharge roller conveyor with LMS 10-15 manual stop with digital readout.